Glass Staircases & Glass Stairs

Due to the increasing demand for bespoke glass products Demax has long been heavily involved with the design and installation of specialist glass stairs. Whilst glass maybe beautiful and unique, it is a material that has a specific set of properties and the limitations that must be fully understood when it comes to designing a glass staircase. A lack of knowledge, combined with inexperience, can result in expensive, non-compliant and occasionally dangerous situations. Thankfully Demax have the experience and the skill to remove those fears, and ensure that all projects and completely compliant, and safe.

Glass is a material that can literally ‘make or break’ a feature staircase. Many different illusions can be created using light and space, and of course glass staircases are wonderful in low light situations, or areas where space is a premium, and a more delicate touch is needed during design. A glass staircase design has often been associated with a premium and modern design, make sure you back up your aspirations by choosing one of the very best, and specialist in glass stairs design and build. Glass is fragile, heavy and non-repairable, therefore great care and skill is necessary for its transportation and installation, which can require expensive specialised equipment and suitable site access. Please feel free to contact us to discuss.