Nando’s Huddersfield

Our second completed staircase for one of the most renowned restaurant chains in the UK, Nando’s. Recently completed and opened in Huddersfield, this commercial staircase is a true one-off design. A spiral Staircase to make the most of the space in a high footfall area – the design needed to be eye catching and quirky, replicating the ethos and feeling of Nando’s Restaurants and Staff.

Utilising a central spindle made from steel, each stair tread is then fixed to the centre column before the handrail applied on the outside. Whilst all made from steel (for both strength and visual appeal), the centre is actually designed and constructed in such a way that it ‘flexes’ when weight is applied. As such it nearly gives the feel of vibration when people step on to the spiral staircase. To finish things off the carcass, treads and railings are laced with laser cut timber strips for effect.

As always, Demax have pushed the boundaries of staircase design to create this completely unique and bespoke staircase. You can find more information on the new Nando’s in Huddersfield on their website.