Modern Staircase & Contemporary Staircases

A modern staircase in the right setting is often unrivalled in terms of it’s beauty and ultimate wow factor. There is perhaps no greater centre piece in the modern home, or outside it for that matter! Projects such as our original South Lodge were well before their time. Originally designed and developed 7 years ago, this timeless yet ultimately modern staircase is now seen the world over, and regularly appears on Channel 4 shows such as Grand Designs.

Personal taste is of course key, and whilst many vision contemporary staircases as simple with clean lines, they don’t have to be. Demax have designed and created quite extravagant and even moving staircases, or of course another firm favourite, floating stairs. With the right design and engineering skills working together in unison, the possibilities can actually nearly be endless.

Not all modern stairs need big open spaces to stand out. The use of glass can make space seem much bigger and contemporary stairs seem not as imposing as other materials, and the very best modern staircases often use a blend of materials to best effect. Management and design are of the utmost importance, using different materials can provide challenges. However, designed and engineered in the correct way should allow you to be more creative with the design and remove additional supports and ‘weight’. All of course still well within building regulations for the perfect contemporary staircase.