Traditional Staircases


All Saints Hall

Large flowing bespoke staircases are a Demax speciality; they require the conviction and skill of the designer to produce the precise balance and elegance. Accurate and quality fabrication is also e...

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This is not the most elegant staircase although the client was thrilled with the end result. We have included this staircase for two reasons; firstly to illustrate the walnut feature painting of the s...

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A very substantial private dwelling under construction in Surrey. A visit to our Design department convinced both the main contractor and client that Demax possessed the knowledge and skill to design,...

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Belsize Park Internal

How much more traditional can you make a staircase look? This stairs was constructed on our steel carcass system allowing classic flowing lines with no visible supporting structure. Everlasting trad...

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An exceptionally clean cut and eye catching external staircase design. A wonderful example of how an external staircase can add class and sophistication to a building. Created using DT8 and DT4 Quatre...

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Few words are required to accompany this stair as it is simplicity at its best, illustrating the fact that with the correct balance and enhancing details a staircase does not have to be overly decorat...

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One of the most popular and versatile staircases we build due to our steel carcass construction. Irrespective if your choices of finishes are wood, stone or glass the entire staircase is constructed a...

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We were required to supply and fit the balustrading to a new cantilever stone staircase in this London property. The casting was modified slightly from the original design to comply with Building Regu...

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Cudham Hall

A 19th Century Stately Mansion was converted into elegant apartments, which necessitated an extension to the existing grand staircase....

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Dennis Lane

This is the staircase that caused home designers major problems. It seems that the space required is often totally underestimated resulting in a very steep staircase and restricted space in the area ...

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We have attempted to offer a range of details for stairs on our web site simply to give ideas to both designers and clients, some traditional and some slightly more contemporary and unusual. Where pos...

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This staircase is as traditional and high quality as a staircase gets. Firstly the client and contractor recognised the benefit of a Demax steel carcass staircase which allowed construction staff f...

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Green Meadows

The client for Green Meadows was very specific in his requirements and quality of finish, the end result was one of the most beautiful interiors we have been involved in. The balustrade was quite s...

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Green Verges

The first four treads of this staircase are functional, they allow a very wide angle of entry to the staircase beside being an elegant well balanced feature. The use of Walnut and stainless steel off...

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Demax was invited at short notice to design, manufacture and install a feature staircase for a notable New Bond Street art gallery in London, needless to say Demax didn't disappoint....

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Architects Donald Insall were required to design a balustrade for a large ultra-modern property in Cambridge. We at Demax were not initially enthusiastic about the choice of bronze casting or satin br...

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Demax has completed the decorative cast metalwork for 41 La Tasca Spanish Tapas bars, plus many other pubs and clubs nationwide. Our main assets for completing these projects on time are our own desig...

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Little Almsworth

Firstly May I say the balustrade design was chosen by the architect. Why then have we chosen to include such a basic design on our website? ...

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Magnolia House

Pure simple white class with perhaps a little Marmite. ...

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Nicky Clarke

This wonderfully ornate stair is a fine example of a straight string staircase utilising castings from our Bird of Paradise range, combined with a solid polished brass handrail to produce a very strik...

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This project is a classic example of period balustrade. The balustrade was displayed in the film "The King's Speech". It is the continuous pattern with no breaks coupled with such details as meda...

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Oak Hall

Without question our most popular feature staircase design this is the free standing version of our wall fixed Burntwood Avenue model. When free standing justifying the integrity by way of the turnin...

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Pall Mall

The refurbishment of these exclusive offices required a mezzanine floor to be constructed served by a staircase sympathetic to the original staircase. Our Architectural foundry cast the balusters and ...

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Penny Farthing

An example of a straight string staircase, which is the alternative to a cut string staircase. This style presents the opportunity to use an alternative range of balustrade panels whilst complying wit...

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Demax has worked with the commissioning architect on many projects and were pleased to have been chosen to undertake this work on his own residence....

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Regents Park Road

This client wished to upgrade his entire house, including a new staircase to emulate the original early 19th century property. Although plain and simple in detail it has the elegance and simplicity of...

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Ridgeway Radlet

A staircase based on our steel staircase systems, with American White Oak finishing materials. The balustrade is our Gothic Arch design, this design works equally well on both a cut or straight string...

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Demax received a request from clients to produce a design for a feature staircase in their harbour-side home in North Wales. The room had limited space in which to allow a view through the hall to the...

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Saulgrove House

What you see is what you get, a combination of traditional and modern styling executed to the highest quality. Quite often clients do not have adequate room to accommodate their ideal staircase. The s...

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A beautiful staircase in Virginia Water rising four meters in spectacular style! A simple basement staircase was constructed in a matching design....

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Squirrels Leap

A clear illustration of a feature painted string with a walnut finish. Feature painting is so versatile and effective when executed well, irrespective of if you require stone, wood or metal finishes. ...

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Mr and Mrs Thaxton came to us with completely open minds regarding the design of their staircase except that it should have an 'Italian feel'. The design of the balustrade on this stair appe...

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