Demax has been at the forefront of architectural foundry for over 35 years, and have acquired near unrivalled knowledge and a skilled team to offer: staircase design, casting, pattern making, fabrication and site installation. There is a misconception that foundries are the people to contact for all your casting requirements, however many foundries fail to specialist in a specific area, and supply everything from engineering to agricultural.

At Demax, our specialist pattern makers and dedicated foundry facilities are skilled and geared towards architecture and architecture alone. Able to produce near perfect pieces in iron, aluminium, brass or bronze. We are able to copy any original period casting, and can even adjust the design and lengths of balusters to meet modern building regulations. Recent projects include the replacement railings and gates around St Johns Church in Stratford, East London and the design and manafacture of one off solid bronze balustrade for the palace of a well known Middle Eastern Prince.