Bar and Restaurant Staircases

At Demax, we firmly believe that a staircase is never just a staircase. A staircase needs to be practical, yes, but it can also give that all-important first impression and can even be the centrepiece of your bar or restaurant. Which is why every single Demax staircase is unique and tailored specifically to you and your business.

Experts in the design, manufacturing and installation of be-spoke staircases, Demax are unrivalled when it comes to the experience and skill needed to produce your perfect staircase. Having worked with some of the UK’s biggest restaurant chains, we understand the importance of budgets and time frames, ensuring that projects are completed on time and with the least possible effect to the business.

We achieve this through our experience and hands-on approach; from the initial design consultation, all the way through the manufacture and installation. So whether you are looking for a modern helical staircase for your eatery or a traditional wooden staircase for your pub, Demax will be with you every step of the way.

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