Demax Staircase featured on Channel 4’s Double your Home

So many of us love a great DIY / home improvement show, and Channel 4 has them in abundance. From Grand Designs to The Home Show, and our current favourite Double your Home (for half the money) presented by the lovely Sarah Beeny. Not only does Double your Home show some fantastic projects and ways to build equity in your home, it of course features some quite amazing spaces and wonderful staircases.

During episode 5 on Wednesday 3 September Sarah met Candida Gubbins who was digging below her London Flat to utilise space and create a larger living space in the basement. The issue and worry for Candida was having a very dark space with no natural light. Thankfully Sarah was on hand to show the advantage of using glass staircases within a lightwell to make the most of the space whilst still bringing in natural light from upstairs. For staircase inspiration Sarah led Candida to Flood Street and to view the Demax Staircase that would be perfect for the job. A modern design with light colours and re-inforced glass to help bring in sunlight.

Sarah said: “So these AMAZING glass stairs Which throw the light from upstairs down and into the basement, which means by the time you get down here it is really light and bright. What a fantastic space.” – “This staircase does two jobs, it’s a lightwell and it’s a staircase all in the same space”

You can watch the episode right now over on Channel 4 On Demand (and see the staircase at 39:45).