Modern Stairs and Staircases

A modern staircase in the right setting is often unrivalled in terms of it’s beauty and ultimate wow factor. There is perhaps no greater centre piece in the home, or outside it for that matter. Modern in design doesn’t always have to mean cutting edge – for those staircase that push the bounds of design and perhaps are ‘before’ their time, take a look at our Contemporary Staircases.

When we think of Modern Staircases we think of a stable design – simple yet powerful in it’s design and of course finish. Clean lines are often key and with the right design and engineering skills working together in unison, the possibilities can actually nearly be endless.

Not all Modern Stairs need big open spaces to stand out. The use of glass can make the space seem much bigger and enable Modern Staircases to be less imposing than perhaps other materials. Management and design are of the utmost importance, using different materials can provide a challenge, though using someone with the experience of Demax ensures that all projects are completed just as you intended.