Straight Staircase

Whilst a straight staircase may sound run of the mill and very simple, they are often some of the most visually stunning and often most difficult to engineer with options of floating stairs and long, vast spaces to fill. The beauty of a straight staircase, is due to it’s simple nature, you can actually make it as complicated or as clean as you like. Materials are often mixed with glass and metal set off against the finest finish of wood available. Though using a single material can often be the most awe-inspiring of all.

There is often a mis-conception that straight stairs take up much more room than a spiral staircase. However this isn’t always the case, a well designed and thought out straight staircase positioned in the place can be just as space saving. And of course, even a straight staircase can still have a corner. Those that turn back on themselves but still maintain straight angles can be some of the most contemporary. However if you don’t think a straight staircase is for you, there are of course other options such as helical and spiral staircases.